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What is the best marketing strategy

Dec 26, 2022
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Marketing Batman

Hundreds of new projects appear on the cryptocurrency market every year. Some of them fade in a very short time, while others shoot up and quickly gain popularity. The secret behind this popularity is that any small project can be achieved by having a strategy and a tool.

In this article, we have decided for you the most popular and effective marketing strategies for promoting your project on the cryptocurrency market. This knowledge will help you to scale your project in 2023.

Why marketing is important for project promotion in the cryptocurrency market

For your project to gain popularity, proper marketing is a must. Modern cryptocurrency investors and traders are very attentive to the choice of projects for investment. Most often, they prefer well-known coins and companies. Even if your project is unique and innovative, and in your opinion worthy of attention, if the advertising campaign is weak, the business will fail.

To invest in your project, you need to take care to make buyers and investors loyal. Without the proper investment of resources (time, money, energy) and effective marketing tools, this is almost impossible to do.

What is Cryptocurrency Marketing

To understand what a marketing strategy is, let's first review the definition of the word marketing.

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services. Marketing campaigns allow you to present a product in such a way that the customer sees all its advantages and appreciates the product, and, of course, buys it.

Classical natural marketing uses such tools as banners, TV ads, flyers, etc. Modern digital marketing including cryptocurrency marketing and new strategies:

  • website promotion
  • promotion via email
  • promotion through social networks
  • content marketing
  • influencer marketing

There are a lot of actual and effective growth methods, but it is difficult to determine which of them will work in potential.

When it comes to cryptocurrency marketing, tools and strategies have their specific conditions. We will describe several effective strategies that are worth trying out in your project. This will help attract a new audience to your project, as well as increase brand awareness.

How to make your crypto marketing campaign: the best strategies according to Gotbit

Building a community on behalf of a company

Community marketing is a very popular and most importantly effective strategy for promoting a project on the cryptocurrency market.

The essence of this method is to create a special community on the topic of your project. This community can be on a social network like Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter, or a forum like BitcoinTalk.

It is necessary to:

  • unite your potential buyers in one place
  • promptly inform about the news of the project
  • demonstrate product benefits
  • communicate with your audience.

Anyone who wants to try community marketing in their project must understand that the results will not be instantaneous. It will take you several months to gather people in the community, publish useful and interesting content there, and also try out various community development tools.

This is a game for the long term, but it will bear fruit.

Cryptocurrency marketing is impossible without creating a branded community

A: With the help of a brand community, you can attract the attention of a potential audience to your project

T: Cryptocurrency marketing is impossible without creating a branded community

Website development for your project

Each project should have its own website. Make sure your site has a functional, user-friendly and simple interface. Such a site will help you gain the trust of your target audience.

When developing a site, you should use various instruments to attract an audience:

  • Competitors analysis;
  • SEO meta tags;
  • Analytics services such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel;
  • Interactive elements and animation;

Most often, to develop a site, projects use outsource or special agencies, which takes care of all stages of the development and implementation of the site. You can also assemble your own team who can perform this task but be sure that you have enough work for them for months to come.

In addition to making your site user-friendly, you will need to make it search engine friendly. To do this, you will need to use SEO marketing tools. You will need to carefully work out the texts and links that you place on the site in order for the information to be correctly read by search engines. The better your site interacts with the system, the higher it appears in the search results when the user enters a query.

Maintaining the company's reputation

It's no secret that audience loyalty is the key to the project's popularity. That is why it is important for cryptocurrency companies to pay special attention to maintaining the image.

What is important to demonstrate to your audience:

Expertise To do this, post expert articles and notes on your website, as well as in thematic sites. Share your opinion, talk about your cases, analyze and share your forecasts.
Transparency The cryptocurrency market is characterized by the fact that investors and traders are very distrustful here. You need to speak about your project as clearly as possible, not try to hide pitfalls, but speak confidently about your business, backing up statements with facts.
Feedback It is extremely important to keep in touch with your audience, for example through social networks and forums. People should not think that you are avoiding communication. Deal with negative reviews. Demonstrate readiness for dialogue and friendliness.

Any company, even a cryptocurrency one, needs to work on its reputation. Remember that losing a reputation is much harder than earning it. Work on your product and your site so that users are always satisfied with the service.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing in Cryptocurrency Projects

There are many myths about affiliate marketing. Someone is using it for dishonest gain, but in fact, it is one of the easiest and most effective tools.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company rewards users or third-party companies for achieving the goal, for example, registration in the service.

The invitation to the product is tracked by a special link. The more new users come from the affiliate channel, the greater its reward will be. Users come to the project on the advice of a trusted one, they are more loyal to the product and have higher conversions.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is the fact that it increases the loyalty of customers, as they feel like a part of your company when they invite their friends and relatives through the link.

Collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders

One of the proven options for increasing the popularity of a product is to attract influencers to an advertising campaign. Key opinion leaders have a large audience and their message matters when it comes to evaluating a product.

The influencer talks about the company's product through publications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and TikTok. Wherever they have an audience.  

The audience trusts KOL, so if he or she promotes your product, his/her audience becomes loyal to your product.

The main secret of successful cooperation with influencers is to find such a person who agrees with the philosophy of your project. An influencer must broadcast your ideas, this can only be done qualitatively if he believes in your product.

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

  • Combine tools. First of all, it is important not to stop at one channel. As you already know, one of the main rules in the cryptocurrency market is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Use as many different channels as possible, and combine them with each other. For example, create a website and pages on social networks, and do their mutual promotion.
  • Form a team. Even if you have a small startup and do not have the opportunity to hire a large number of people, try to find your team freelance. You will definitely need a designer, copywriter, marketer, and developer. Distribute responsibilities and appoint a person who will be responsible for marketing processes. Unfortunately, as practice shows, if you do not set a project leader when you face problems, it will be impossible to find the reason.
  • Be data-driven. Always watch on numbers, you should understand how your site performs. What bounce rate does it have, and what is the average session time? It shows you the quality of the acquired audience. Always keep in mind your Customer Acquisition Cost when rating acquisition channels, compare CAC with LTV. Your conclusions should go straight from the analytics.


The cryptocurrency market is full of mysteries. Especially when it comes to finding effective cryptocurrency marketing strategies. We hope that our advice will help your project grow and win the hearts of the crypto community.