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Our Approach

To manage our clients’ markets the best way, we use a tandem of two approaches:

The first one includes the computational core, trading algorithms and market making bots. The second one is the global macro approach and theoretical research on all markets.

Algorithms 24/7

Our market making bots are designed to perform 24/7 under any market conditions. On our platform, traders have a lot of algorithms at their disposal. Collectively, it is a flexible professional tool for market making, risk management, arbitrage and best execution of a chosen strategy for the client.

Global Macro Analysis

The crypto market is closely related to the classical markets in terms of trends, liquidity and sentiment, so understanding global macro is crucial for success. Our team performs a detailed macroeconomics analysis, along with our deep expertise in the crypto market.

Math and parameters

When continuously analyzing the market, our algorithms use a mathematical and statistical approach to search for anomalies, inefficiencies and other signs that provide additional information about the state of the market. We analyze market data, correlations to other markets, general level of liquidity, global macroeconomics and many other parameters in order to configure bot's modules and extract maximum benefits from the market: capitalize on favorable events and prepare for volatile declines that are inevitable in any case.

Trend and vision

We manage our clients' markets with a solid understanding of global trends. Our macro team focuses on analyzing monetary policies of major central banks, tracking metrics of global economic activity, inflation, unemployment, as well as indicators that can directly or indirectly confirm or pivot current global trends. In addition to theoretical understanding and statistics, we cover government and corporate bond markets, FOREX, commodities, equities, energy and housing markets, thus we have a much broader vision on markets and main drivers.

Modules and multitasking

Our bots consist of several modules. Some of them are responsible for the placement of liquidity, some are responsible for trading, price discovery and arbitrage, some modules calculate risks, others are aimed at catching manipulative actions against our bots and protecting against them. Together, it is a well-coordinated mechanism with numerous configurable parameters that solves your specific tasks in the best way.

Timing and strategy

Even the most promising idea can fail if implemented in the wrong time. When we develop a strategy for a client, a special attention to timing is paid. There are many events which can amplify a trend, become a pivot or just create high volatility, for example such events as FED meetings, OPEC+ oil production cuts, macro statistics releases, large derivatives expirations or the results of treasury auctions. Such points on a timeline are always implemented both in our long-term strategy and short-term tactics, thus we increase the chance of success.


The crypto market is volatile and often completely unpredictable. In order to reflect the impact of increased volatility or manipulations, several levels of protection are provided inside our algorithms, which sensitively react to any market changes. To provide maximum protection to the client, our algorithm takes into account possible threats on a global macro scale and continuously scans the market to detect any manipulative actions, aimed to exploit our bots, thus predicting the probability of significant damage and prematurely protecting the client’s funds prematurely.

Market overview

We always develop our global macro understanding, prepare macro updates with market overview on a regular basis. In this report, we consistently describe market changes from the point of view of our research, disclose the main events, major macro trends and the factors on which they are based, as well as disclose our expectations regarding them. We describe and are ready to clarify any decision we make to our clients.