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The Next Big NFT Project of 2023

Jun 5, 2023
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The NFT market is constantly growing and new projects are launched every day.  If you are trying to score big with NFT but are not sure of what project to invest your time and effort in, we have taken the time to do the research for you. 

Is NFT a Good Investment?

The NFT sector surged during the cryptocurrency bull market in 2021. Since then, the NFT market has generated millions of dollars in sales. Investing in NFTs has been profitable for many investors. Projects like BAYC, 5000 Days, and CryptoPunks have raised millions of dollars for creators.

However, investing in NFTs comes with a certain set of risks. This is due to the fact that most of these NFTs are not time-tested. The volatility of the crypto market also plays a role in its level of risk. 

Consider this to reduce your risk:

Do a thorough study: As with any investment, you need to conduct due diligence on NFT projects. These should be your main focus: the team, the artist's portfolio, previous sales, and market trends. In addition, pay attention to the general direction and development plan of a particular NFT project. You can always find this in the project’s whitepaper. 

10 Next Big NFT Projects to Invest in

There are hundreds of established NFT projects on the market. If you are considering adding NFTs to your crypto portfolio, then buying NFTs from the best promising projects is your sure bet. That's why we've compiled a list of promising projects with high potential for success and more growth. 

1. RobotEra - the Best Metaverse Project for NFT Robots

RobotEra launched at the end of 2022 and is a next-generation metaverse project. RobotEra is a unique metaverse world on the Ethereum blockchain with a unified theme world all about robots. It offers a multiverse like Sandbox where users can directly collaborate with other NFT projects and use NFTs from other metaverse worlds on the platform. Users can exhibit their NFTs in virtual museums, organize events, and even create theme parks in the metaverse.

As a user, you can first mint your individual robot avatar as an NFT and equip it with other accessories before you explore the versatile RobotEra Metaverse, or even "Multiverse."

It comes with highly immersive virtual experiences such as:

  • Exciting GameFi games with rewards
  • Vernissages in NFT galleries
  • Virtual concerts with music stars
  • Lucrative quests and missions

The Metaverse world is powered by the native TARO token. With the TARO token, users can buy an NFT plot and create virtual experiences,  to earn money. The entire RobotEra metaverse is based on NFTs issued as ERC-721 tokens, i.e. the robot avatars and accessories. Also, the NFT plots or parcels of the Metaverse world itself are issued as NFTs. They will be freely tradable on leading Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces.

2. Metropoly - NFT Real Estate Market

If you are a real estate lover, then Metropoly NFT will provide you with familiar themes. Metropoly provides users with access to the most popular real estate in the form of NFTs. Each object is tokenized and uploaded to the blockchain. Users can then buy a portion of these properties and earn monthly passive income.

Metropoly is accessible to NFT enthusiasts in most countries. For a "pass" to this metaverse, a user pays $100. The platform allows you to diversify your investment portfolio in real estate and receive passive income. What is even more interesting is that each NFT property represents a “share” in the project. Also, these NFTs can be sold at any time.

Considering the success of Decentraland and Polkacity in recent years, NFTs in real estate appear to be strongly promising. In the first quarter of 2023, the METRO token raised over $1.2 million, up about 160% from the original target of $750,000, indicating even stronger interest.

3. Silks - An NFT Project For Gamers And Collectors Of Digital Racehorses

Silks is an ambitious new project that aims to merge the worlds of horse racing and gaming into a single, immersive experience.  If you are a horse racing enthusiast, Silks is the perfect addition to your collection of NFT projects.

Silks is a P2E platform that allows users to collect and trade digital racehorses with the aim of creating a virtual horse racing metaverse. The project provides a complete sense of the metaverse, as users can create their own avatars and participate in social events. Silks was launched to provide a "replica" of the racing industry on the blockchain. 

Silks has already secured partnerships with some of the biggest names in horse racing and the team is confident that the Silks platform will revolutionize the sport. Investors get early access to the Silks platform via the early access list. So this could be an interesting opportunity for investors to get involved in this exciting new venture.

4. Calvaria - a Card Game with NFT Elements

Another promising NFT project is the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity – a project suited for card lovers and adventurous enthusiasts.

The goal of the Calvaria game is to collect the best deck of cards and outplay opponents. As a reward, the winner receives a native Calvaria token - RIA.

Of course, Calvaria itself was designed as a multiplayer game; the fun of the game and the opportunities to earn money are in a duel with other players (whether in the desktop version or the mobile app). Nevertheless, a full-featured single-player mode is available for no-coiners and game beginners. So the gameplay and character knowledge can be tested in practice mode.

Calvaria is committed to expanding the reach of crypto network mechanisms. The project achieves this goal by providing users with sponsorship and advertising opportunities, NFT enhancements, and access to exclusive NFT collections. Calvaria also has a staking mechanism with direct deposits.

Calavria is based on the Polygon network (blockchain acting as layer-2 solution for Ethereum). All game cards (characters) are issued as NFTs on Polygon, allowing them to be traded between players via the internal game DEX. However, the native token – RIA – is required for payment.

Calavria is based on successful play-to-earn classics such as Splinterlands and uses a dual token system composed of the RIA token and the complementary token eRIA.

  • RIA is the native token and exclusive medium of exchange in the Calavria: Duels of Eternity ecosystem. If players wish to trade and sell their characters as NFTs, they must pay with RIA. RIA tokens can be bought in the token sale.
  • eRIA is the complementary token that can only be obtained or unlocked in the game - through play-to-earn rewards. Players can use their eRIA tokens to perform card upgrades (combinations of several cards of one level for an upgrade to a higher-quality card) or to temporarily boost the performance of individual characters in duels.

By the end of their presale, Calvaria reached a hard cap of $3 million. Experts are optimistic that Calavria could achieve more success as time goes. Calavria: Duels of Eternity has been listed on a couple of exchanges since launch so it's best to act quickly in order to benefit from the optimistic price prospects. 

5. Moonbirds - Ten Thousand "Cartoon" Owls

Moonbirds is an NFT collection released by Proof Collective. The project consists of 10,000 NFTs of unique cartoon owls. Each owl has different traits, characteristics, and appearance. For example, there are moonbirds that wear round glasses and others that have skeleton-like frames.

The overall idea behind Moonbirds is that each bird provides the owner with access to exclusive events, meetups, and upcoming projects. Leveraging the freshness of its concept and its interesting art, the popularity of Moonbird's unique NFT avatars project has continued to grow even in 2023.

6. Women Rise - Women Empowerment NFT Project

Women Rise is an NFT project focused on inclusion and diversity by Pakistani writer Maliha Abidi. The goal of the project is to properly reflect the contribution of women to modern society.

The collection of 10,000 NFTs exhibits features women artists, scientists,  activists, and professionals from different backgrounds and countries. The NFTs in this project are computer generated and the owners get access to certain benefits. For example, 100 NFT Women Rise owners receive a free copy of Abidi's book “RISE: Extraordinary Women Of Color Who Changed The World''. In addition, over 450 hand-drawn NFT Women Rise traits are offered to these holders as a bonus.

7. Meta Masters Guild – Gaming Hub for Mobile GameFi New Launches

The Meta Master Guild is actually the premier gaming hub for Mobile GameFi games. It as well has its own gaming studio and a thriving GameFi Gaming Guild. The Meta Masters Guild can also be considered an NFT project because all hosted games will have in-game items as NFTs (based on the Ethereum blockchain).

What makes the Meta Masters Guild unique? It has two innovations at the forefront of its strategy;

  • Mobile Gaming : The mobile gaming segment accounts for 60% of the total gaming market and is growing faster than all other sectors at 12% annually. However, the mobile gaming market has been completely ignored by other GameFi projects; the MetaMaster Guild only develops mobile games and may conquer this market quickly.
  • Play-and-Earn: The Meta Masters Guild develops first-class GameFi games that focus on fun and exciting gameplay. The team understands that the secret to success is building an active community of enthusiastic, loyal players  - and not a player base with only financial motivation in play-to-earn.

While the Mobile GameFi hub is the focus of the Meta Masters Guild, there are two other important elements:

  • The Meta Masters Guild is itself acting as a gaming studio and is involved in the development of upcoming GameFi hits in cooperation with leading triple AAA studios
  • The Meta Masters Guild produces numerous NFT projects - starting with the gripping PVP racing game Meta Kart Racers, which went live in January. Players can use their avatar to play in the Meta Kart Championship, where they must escape from the evil Meta Overlords. The winner gets"gems" merits that can be turned into real proceeds.

However, the most exciting NFT project of the Meta Masters Guild will be the Meta Masters World Metaverse scheduled for later this year, in which all active users can exchange information about their avatars, network with each other, or compete against each other in fun games.

 The native MEMAG token is a means of payment in all hosted GameFi games and is used as follows:

  • Players pay with MEMAG tokens to trade NFTs of the hosted games.
  • Players receive MEMAG Tokens when they convert the earned "Gems" into MEMAG Tokens.
  • If you want to discover the NFT projects of the Meta Masters Guild, you can buy MEMAG tokens on and Unisawap. 

Presale for the MEMAG token closed after it reached a hard cap of $4.97 million in just 5 weeks. 

8. FaceTransPlants – The Most Unusual NFT Art Project

The most unusual NFT project on this list is undoubtedly  FaceTransPlants which contains a collection of tongue-in-cheek and comical NFTs drawn by a previously anonymous artist. 

The NFT Collection contains  10,000 hand-drawn satirical caricatures of human faces intended for amusement and mockery. The drawn faces and figures in this NFT collection are often staged together with plants and leaves and deliberately play with the pop art genre and sarcastic satires due to their satirical character. The development team of this NFT project also drew and created personalized caricatures of famous celebrities like Snoop Dogg which shows quite well how the concept of this NFT project could evolve in the future. 

The   FaceTransPlants NFT project started in March 2022. Since then, its anonymous founder and artist, has continued to develop the collection. The first NFT drop started in August 2022. However, it is planned that the team will soon reveal the identity of the artist on a large scale to the public. In the first few days after the unveiling, the artist will also give an interview that the NFT project plans to broadcast on UK and Canadian TV channels.

 What makes the FaceTransPlants NFT project so special: 

  •  The real identity of the creator of the NFT Faces has not been leaked yet. But what we do know so far is that the artist is currently called SCALE. 
  •  The enigmatic artist and his team seem sarcastically inspired by the downward trend in human existence, which they aim to express through vivid visuals and ridiculous imagery.
  •  The first 1,000 NFTS are sold at a discount. All members who actively participate in the community's fun activities will be rewarded. 
  •  NFT holders have the opportunity to participate in arts-related activities that are both social and educational in nature. Other interesting things on the   NFT   project roadmap include drawing amusing caricatures of real NFT holders once they choose to join in and show their faces. 
  •  In addition, these holders will also receive free physical printouts of their NFTs and a chance to earn a coveted seat at the FaceTransPlants development team's table. 

 In summary, the FaceTransPlants satirical faces collection is  unlike any other NFT project on the market   and has an iconic and Banksy-like feel 

9. Bored Ducks Club - NFT Ducks Collection

Bored Ducks Club is a set of 5555 digital collectibles made up of many bored ducks with expressive looks and specific backstories. Each duck has its own set of unique traits and characteristics. The project was created by a team of anonymous artists and developers.

The popularity of the BDC collection is due to the team's focus on creating a "narrative" around each NFT product. These stories are featured in short animated films and written descriptions.

In addition, BDC owners enjoy real-world benefits, including access to virtual meetups, art auctions, and duck-themed games and challenges. The collection is the first of its kind to produce a narrative-style NFT.

10. TheGreedyDegens - a collection of Competitive Avatars

TheGreedyDegens completes our list of the best promising NFT projects. The project is built on Ethereum and is a collection of avatars dedicated to the War of Degens investment tournament. In this tournament, users compete against each other by investing in virtual stocks with the help of virtual funds. The highest-ranked and highest-earning players can win up to $6,000 each month. Through tournaments, the project team aims to bridge the gap between the traditional investment community and the NFT space.

The project includes 3333 NFTs and points to "greed and degenerateism"  The collection was inspired by a Wall Street business mogul. The people depicted in these NFTs are dressed in tuxedos and hats and carry a bag full of cash. The idea is to create a collectible that will suit any modern investor.

You can check out more information about The GreedyDegens NFTs. 

New Upcoming Interesting NFT Projects

Of course, the best returns can be achieved with interesting and promising NFT projects that are just coming into the space. Whoever discovers the best NFT projects first can get in at a reasonable price and ride the hype wave to the top. Here are what we think are the best NFT projects to launch in the near future:


How Do I Find the Best New NFT Projects

The most promising NFT projects can be identified through extensive research on data aggregation sites (such as Coinmarketcap) and reviews in the Education section of

Where Do I Look for Early Stage NFT Projects?

Many sites offer early information and NFT access to new investors. The most popular is the 'NFT Stats' website, which lists upcoming NFT projects and their expected launch date.

How Do I Know if an NFT Project Will Be Successful?

It's impossible to know for certain if an NFT project will be successful. However, you should pay attention to the team behind the project. In addition, you should analyze the performance of previous projects of this team. You should also analyze the idea behind the project itself.

Should I Invest in NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the big investment trend of 2022 and 2023. Buying exclusive NFT art can be a practical addition to a balanced portfolio for risk-conscious investors. High returns go hand in hand with high risk, and for many investors, an NFT investment is a suitable investment strategy.