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Market Making

  • Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  • All Data on ONE platform
  • 50+ Trading Desk Members

Consulting & Dev

  • 5 years in Blockchain Development
  • We develop utilities that increase demand
  • Consulting approach — PWC, EY members onboard

Gotbit standard for working with clients. We analyze, build and implement high-demand solutions to earn profits for clients after market reassessment by trading tools.



Gotbit provides platform based solution, bringing back control of the markets to founders of the project. We are turning the token’s DEXs & CEXs into a source of income for the project.

Stop using manual MM or bare algorithmic MM! Try the next level Gotbit Platform to Delegate, Manage, Track and Earn on your own token market.


Support WEB3 founders


Since 2019

And Any DEX you want. In 48 hours.