Market Making

Using the experience gained over 4 years of working with more than 200 clients, our clients have achieved the most ambitious goals.

We provide market making not only on CEXs, but on DEXs too, and with the each of our clients work a team of professional traders, who control client's market all day long, test and analyze it and then create a personal strategy according to our research and client's goals!

General Requests

General Requests

Our clients have achieved the most ambitious goals

How to earn on the market

Market should give profit. Organic chart, clean trade history, tight speed – these concepts are the main market interests boosters

What is TA patterns?

Main target of MM – to engage traders and liquidity. Technical analysis – wide spread instrument for traders. We effectively operate with it

Is Chart that important?

Chart on exchange should be an instrument. No one will invest in unpredictable market

I have MM from exchange. Why is it worse than GotBit MM?

Exchange needs for volumes, nothing else. MM from exchange looks unnatural and it has more cons than pros

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