MM by GotBit – awesome organic chart, TA patterns, liquidity, investors and market profit
GotBit was found in 2017 as a MM service. Now GotBit is unique team of developers, analysts, managers and traders with more than 300+ clients and 70+ CEX/DEX experience. Our MM service consists of organic chart, attractive TA patterns, liquidity management, arbitrage, AI analysis. Our client get unique market strategy, 24/7 support management, personal dashboard with full info about your market on GotBit platform
General Concepts
· How to earn on the market
Market should give profit. Organic chart, clean trade history, tight speed – these concepts are the main market interests boosters
· What is TA patterns?
Main target of MM – to engage traders and liquidity. Technical analysis – wide spread instrument for traders. We effectively operate with it
· Is Chart that important?
Chart on exchange should be an instrument. No one will invest in unpredictable market
· I have MM from exchange. Why is it worse than GotBit MM?
Exchange needs for volumes, nothing else. MM from exchange looks unnatural and it has more cons than pros