Knowledge of what the market is like, who acts on it, how it functions and its needs accurately gives an accurate understanding of effective marketing
You need to understand how to describe the market and break it down into segments; how to assess the needs, demands and preferences of consumers within the target market; how to design and test a product with consumer properties required for this market; how through the price to convey to the consumer the idea of the value of the goods; how to choose skilled intermediaries to make the product widely available and well presented; how to advertise and promote a product so that consumers know it and want to buy it. GotBit has a wide range of knowledge and skills
General Requests
· Blockchain Lottery
· TA as a PR tool
It is possible and necessary to attract traders, increase awareness and attractiveness through technical analysis patterns
· Staking to increase sales
People want and need new investment tools; answering the demand of society is the key to sales
· Attraction of investments through SMM
To lure users for a product, traders to the site, to make the project more recognizable are the tasks facing each project. Faithful solves these requests by himself