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What is GotBit?

What is GotBit?

Our main mission is to make the founders of tokens completely calm and confident in the successful development of their project and achievement of its market goals

We are a unique international project that has been founded by high-class mathematicians and developers in 2017.

Gotbit implement strategies for the business development of blockchain projects. We have been working with 350+ tokens and coins and 90% of them reached ATH and 100k$+ cash out with Gotbit.

Market Making powered by #AI for your profits
Progressive strategies for your startup
Smart mathematicians and programmers from MSU
3D Mobile Games. Own Blockchain. Fork. Website
50+ successful IDO and Private Rounds
Our Services

Our Services

below you will find everything every blockchain startup needs
Market Making
AI powered market control
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Blockchain, app, web, platforms, algorithms and more
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Connections with VC and KOLs, IDO selection and successful launch
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PR & Marketing
YouTube, Twitter, community, reputation, web-traffic and more
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Tokenomics, Business Dev, partnerships, listings and more
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    We work with

    400+ crypto business have grown with Gotbit
    90+ exchanges are GotBit-ready right now

    We are proud of our clients. Some of our favorite exchanges, coins, tokens and blockchain-powered projects are below

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      What our clients think  about us

      Feedback and reviews from our partners is the best assessment of our work.  We are happy to share a small part of the words said about us

      James Reilly, ETHO
      02 March 2021

      I am very happy with what you guys have been doing. You are delivering on what you said you would deliver on so we will definitely keep working together. Over time I get more confidence in what’s happening so this is very good I h ... Learn more

      Aleksei Kopievskii, MRCH
      09 April 2021

      I like everything, great. I like the work, the interaction. We will continue to work further

      Tamas Magyar, CORX
      04 April 2021

      Personally I am satisfied with your job. I am happy to see that this relationship is not just about Market Making, but there are many further connection points like developments, advisory (like exchange listing proposal etc.). The ... Learn more

      Jeffrey, BNF
      12 February 2021

      We are happy with our collaboration, it’s very good! Only thing we can improve, is to be a little bit more clear in your messages sometimes. Sometimes we are not sure which account we need to make changes

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