Using the experience gained over 4 years of working with more than 200 clients, our clients have achieved the most ambitious goals.
We provide services to leading private and non-profit organizations in various aspects of strategic development, efficiency improvement and operational activities.
Deep knowledge of situations inside and outside the market allows us to solve and navigate our clients even in the most difficult situations.
Our Cases
3D mobile game blockchain integrated
3D Billiards for the Mesefa token with the integration of cryptocurrency into this game was developed by the GotBit development team in the shortest time.
DEFI Smart Contract Protocol
Having integrated GotBit developers into the DFIP startup, the development has passed all stages of testing and is ready for release on the mainnet.
Yield Farming app
Realizing that a startup needs to keep up with trends, the GotBit team developed a Farming application with previously prepared mathematical base
Swap Bridge
For Gotbit clients who had their own blockchain, swap bridge was written for quick and correct entering the DeFi segment and listing on Binance DEX
Possibilities and Solutions
Turnkey development
Full-fledged project launch, from token release to product development.
Blockchain development
Timely integration, bug fixes, development on demand.
The security of the system that stores important data is very important.
Multiplatform ecosystem
After competitors' products analyzing and following the current trends we implemented an ecosystem which includes website, application and DApp.