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Reasonable Solutions

As Market Makers we always focused on attracting more traders into our clients markets. But it is hard to achieve only through exchange mechanics.

We realized this back in 2019 when we started creating and implementing usability in clients' projects to increase the use and investment attractiveness of the token. Based on live market metrics we were able to measure the impact of one or another implemented technology on demand and price growth.

Now we are offering to founders solutions that have been implemented to similar projects in a similar market situation, and which have led to a significant surge sin the interest of traders in our clients' markets.

Our Technologies

main stack

onchain technologies


cloud services

Products we built

Product incubation

Our skilled product analysts are experienced in working in conditions of uncertainty and ready to guide your project through its whole lifecycle.

Customized solutions

Gotbit development team is skilled at creating smart contracts for tokens that include the most unorthodox and customizable functions.


Bring new promising projects to be invested by the community and build utility for your token with your own decentralized platform.


Provide utility for the token to keep its circulating supply and price under control, attract new community and increase its engagement.


Becoming our client means getting the most advanced, customized bridges which are simply manageable from/to any blockchain.


We create a convenient and secure platform for investors, VCs, influencers and the project’s team to claim and manage allocations.

NFT products

Mint, trade, stake NFT and more on your brand-new NFT platform. Our team offers different functionalities based on the project's needs.