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Understanding Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Understanding Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Table of contents:

  1. What Exactly is Crypto Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Why Should I Try Crypto Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Crypto Affiliate Marketing: Networks VS Programs
  4. Top 3 Networks
  5. Top 3 Programmes
  6. Crypto Affiliate Marketing Step by Step
  7. Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoin
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. What is the Best Way to Affiliate Market in Bitcoin?
  10. What is Bitcoin CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Crypto affiliate marketing is one of the less popular ways people earn in the crypto community. We will be discussing some basics in this text, but a full-blown guide is waiting for you here if you need it.

On the other hand, if you already know how to make money with affiliate marketing in other niches, cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is a must-try. The process is straightforward and also similar to affiliate marketing in other niches. The learning curve will be shallow and easy to navigate.

We will be briefly discussing a few crypto affiliate marketing networks and programs we think you should try out. We will also be sharing some tips and tricks that will make your tasks a whole lot easier.

What Exactly is Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

Crypto affiliate marketing is a project-based approach to traditional affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a strategy used by companies to share their offers and prospects with a wider audience.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works, a user is given a commission for referring someone who doesn’t use the product or service.

In essence, a new user is attracted to the service by the referring user, and the company now pays this referring user a commission for referring someone. When you successfully convince someone to use a product or service they’ve never used before and get a commission for it, you’re an affiliate marketer.

Why Should I Try Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

Crypto affiliate marketing is a must-try if you’ve had some experience in marketing before. Why? Because you can use your experience in marketing to grow in this comparatively new niche.

If you’re absolutely new, you can still get a huge chunk of the pie as the crypto community continues to grow. All you have to do is learn as fast as you can, and find the right affiliate program that suits your capacity.

Another reason why you should try affiliate marketing cryptocurrencies is that there are none of the monetary risks associated with trading or staking. Whichever category you belong to— new or seasoned marketer, the crypto-verse has something for you.

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Data sourced from Statistia

Crypto Affiliate Marketing: Networks VS Programs

In the crypto community, affiliate marketing happens in two major ways— networks and programs. They still pay commissions and give bonuses to their marketers. However, their modes of operation are quite different.

Programs are a more direct form of affiliate marketing, while networks work with different programs and then give their marketers a wide range of companies to work with.

Here’s a simple example using Bitcoin. If you signed up for the Bitcoin affiliate program, you’d have to work only on the Bitcoin project.

If you signed up for a network, on the other hand, you’d get to choose from the variety of projects the network offers. Networks give a more comprehensive range of options, however, you’d not be dealing directly with the crypto project’s managers.

Top 3 Networks

If you want to sign up for a crypto affiliate network, here are the top three picks you should try.

  • ClickOut— Leading affiliate market with a wide range of offers
  • AVAZ— Affiliate network with the most comprehensive global coverage
  • ChangeNow— Industry player, holding deciding stakes
ClickOut affiliate network homepage
ClickOut affiliate network homepage

Top 3 Programmes

If you decide to choose one program and stick with it instead of using networks, here are some you should consider:

  • Changelly Affiliate Marketing
  • Binance Affiliate Marketing
  • Coinbase Affiliate Marketing
Changelly’s affiliate program
Changelly’s affiliate program

Crypto Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Now that we have introduced the basics of crypto affiliate marketing and some popular offerings, you can start earning by following these five easy steps:

  • Choose an affiliate program and register
  • Obtain your unique referral code
  • Build an audience (Twitter and Reddit are great social media for crypto)
  • Promote and pitch the product/service
  • Get paid when you get a successful referral

Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoin

Affiliate marketing for BTC is a popular and well-researched topic in the crypto community. Bitcoin is crypto’s golden egg, and for this reason, there are a lot of marketable products and services around it. They range from educational materials to wallets and even trading platforms. Many platforms and networks present a wide range of offerings specifically for Bitcoin.

You can find out more when you discuss with market makers from an industry leader in algorithmic trading and blockchain development. You can also reach out to an agent here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Affiliate Market in Bitcoin?

There is no proven best way to affiliate market bitcoin, you should try out a few things and know what works best for you. However, having a strong crypto audience would be a great boost.

What is Bitcoin CPA Affiliate Marketing?

This is a type of affiliate marketing popular among crypto influencers and bloggers. CPA is short for cost-per-action, this phrase means influencers and bloggers will get paid based on the action their audience makes in a marketing campaign.

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