About us

We have been providing MM services since 2018 year. We started with MM for our own ICO and now we have Gotbit Trading System with 80+ Tokens clients and 12 exchanges clients. Now we can offer not just Market Making but individual strategy of your blockchain startup development on cryptocurrency markets. We are working on 32 exchanges and we need only 2 days to add new exchange on Gotbit trading platform. If you work with us you will have access to full real data about situation inside exchange, also we help you to choose the optimum exchange in your budget. Our priority is reaching our clients’ goals and generation profits for our clients. We have brilliant reputation in blockchain community, twice mentioned on Coindesk . We guarantee clients funds safety ( !from market burn! ) and provide trading transparency.

We are team of young professionals who fancy of crypto trading. Each member of our team has math background, professional experience, and we are all open for communications. Feel free to text us in Telegram:

  • CEO – Andryunin Alexey @aaandryunin
  • CTO – Ponomarenko Philip @ZephyrusPhilippus
  • CBDO – Andryunina Yulia  @helloyulek
  • Sales – Strelchik Mark @marki_st
  • Team Leader – Kuznetsov Ivan @templar820
  • Marketing – Gavrilov Egor @modagavr