About us

About us

GotBit was founded in 2017, when BTC price was $1000.
We lived through ICO boom, blockchain regulation and Binance Launch.

At 2021 GotBit has the most important active – experience and team. We grew all the time. With more than 500 cases
GotBit has competitions in every crypto sphere.

You're at the most technology-reach economics sector, that changes its trends every day. Don't pass this possibilities, create them with us!

With more than 500 cases

Why our clients have more opportunities?
GotBit build value! Our strategies and solutions are opportune, liquid and crazy sometimes. We manage markets and provide perfect PR & Marketing. Daily!

We understand how to describe the market and break it down into segments; how to assess the needs, demands and preferences of consumers within the target market; how to design and test a product with consumer properties required for this market; how through the price to convey to the consumer the idea of the value of the goods; how to choose skilled intermediaries to make the product widely available and well presented; how to advertise and promote a product so that consumers know it and want to buy it.

Top-5 Gotbit key factors

At 2020 GotBit hase the most important active – experience and team. We growed all the time. With more then 200 cases
GotBit has competitions in every crypto sphere.

4 years in the field of cryptocurrencies
We have been at DeFi since October 2019
Smart mathematicians and programmers from MSU
3D Mobile Games. Own Blockchain. Fork. Website
Market Making powered by #AI for your profits
We are in Media
We are in Media

20+ crypto medias about Gotbit

Gotbit is a team of mathematicians, developers and analysts who successfully manage the markets of 500 crypto projects. Since 2017, 64 Gotbit clients have crossed the $ 1 million mark of profits in the market.

Gotbit Consulting and Development Division creates unique blockchain solutions: Cross-chain Swap Bridge, DeFi Trading Hedge strategies, On-Chain Lottery, Migration to BSC, Staking for ERC-20 Tokens.

A career in Gotbit is always headlong. Our team works hard for the benefit of our customers. We create, protect and implement the most daring strategies in the crypto industry.

Market Research Analyst

The Senior Analyst Market Research is responsible for supporting market research databases and analytical materials. Research involves quantitative analysis using AvalonBay’s market research data platform and is communicated to the company via the creation of proprietary databases, regular data reporting, graphical exhibits, written analysis and verbal presentation.

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Your Job

  • Maintains extensive time-series databases tracking the performance of communities, portfolios, submarkets and MSAs.
  • Uses programmatic tools (FAME, Eviews, R, QGIS) to study and project supply and demand trends at the submarket level.
  • Monitors economic and demographic trends and competitive dynamics in all of the regional markets in the United States.
  • Applies quantitative research skills in segmenting and understanding renters market.
  • Communicates findings throughout the company across all disciplines, helping to solve specific issues/challenges, and providing support as topical issues arise. Communication involves written analysis, creation of statistical exhibits and collaborative work within project work groups.

Talents & Skills

  • Relevant experience could include work at a real estate investment or brokerage company, a data consulting firm specializing in applied data analysis, or generally an occupation involving applied business economics and research.
  • Strong technical knowledge including Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Power BI.
  • Working knowledge of a GIS platform (QGIS, ArcGIS), familiarity with data structures, query language (SQL), and a statistical programming language (R, Python) highly beneficial
Quantitive Research Intern

Quantitative Researchers play a key role on the Quantitative Research (“QR”) team, which is responsible for developing and testing automated quant trading strategies using sophisticated statistical techniques. You’ll get to apply and hone your quantitative skills in a structured program that allows you to work side-by-side with, and learn from, those who are thriving in this exciting and growing field.

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Work with large and complex data sets to build quantitative models that predict future price movements. Application of modern mathematical and statistical methods. Analysis of scientific literature


Skills & Talents

  • Advanced training in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science
  • Strong knowledge of probability and statistics (e.g.,machine learning, time-series analysis, pattern recognition, NLP)
  • Prior experience working in a data driven research environment
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (e.g.,MongoDB)
  • Experience with distributed computing using MapReduce
  • Experience with analytical packages (e.g., R,Matlab)
  • Independent research experience
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast-paced team environment
  • Excellent analytical skills, with strong attention to detail
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
Sales manager

Sales managers are responsible for leading sales teams to reach sales targets. Sales managers are primarily tasked with hiring and training team members, setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting performance, and developing processes that drive sales. Sales managers are oftentimes expected to travel.

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Your Job 

  • Target and close new customer opportunities in focused market space.
  • Achieve revenue targets from assigned territory or set of accounts.
  • Provide excellent level of service to customer throughout the sales cycle.


Skills & Talents 

  • Proven track record in IT software development & services sales.
  • Skilled in negotiation techniques and commercial understanding of contractual considerations of a software vendor.
  • Competence developing and delivering presentations to large and diverse audiences including those at C*O level.
  • Ability to discuss complex software concepts and product capabilities in business relevant manner.
Software Developer Intern

As a Software Engineering Intern , you will have opportunities to work across our stack, developing software ranging from Web Server to business application layer for our distributed, cloud-hosted backend. This paid internship is for a duration of approximately 10 - 12 weeks.

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Skills & Talents 

A fair knowledge of C or C ++
The ability to work with API
The ability to work with JSON
The ability to master Golang in a week (or less) at a level just above the baseline
The ability to understand someone else’s code instantly
The ability to read documentation

Nice to have:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/Linux/SQL/MATLAB.
  • REST and Microservice Architecture.
  • Hands-on technical knowledge in Mac OS, Windows, G-Suite, Microsoft Office products, anti-malware, network, VPN, etc.
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